The land of Ghee can be found in a galaxy far away, a planet filled with happiness, where critters love to play.

Dancing trees that grow popcorn leaves under a rainbow slide, there’s a forest of giant flowers where the critters like to hide.

The Grass is bright blue and clouds are cotton candy pink, the snails slide around on their very own skating rink.

The critters have so much fun in their world in outer space, come and meet them one by one in this very magical place.



A bit about Kim Jorion

Kim Jorion is a poet writer and author of the new Fantasy Children’s Picture Book Series “The Land of Ghee”

A mother of seven beautiful children, Kim has spent many years as a passionate event coordinator for New Zealand and Australian based special children’s events.  Kim loves to create special memories and embraces diversity and life’s challenges. 

Inspired by her daughter’s artwork, Kim has cleverly crafted a colourful, creative experience for young readers alike.  The Land of Ghee will take you on a magical journey and ignite your child’s imagination to infinite possibilities.


A bit about Jared

Jared has been drawing since the age of 2.  In 1994 Jared had his first comic strip, Jon & Gary, published in New Zealand’s ‘Evening Post’ children’s supplement, ‘Presto’, alongside Calvin and Hobbes.  Jared wrote and illustrated his first children’s picture book, ‘Animals in Vehicles’, as a Christmas gift for his eldest son in 2014, which quickly became popular with other children. 

In 2018 he wrote and illustrated ‘More Animals in Vehicles’ for his second son.  Jared is a busy father who lives in Otaki, New Zealand with his two sons. Jared has several other published books including ‘A Cabbage in a Spider Web’, ‘Fish Musicians’ and now ‘The Land of Ghee’.  Jared also does caricatures, graphic design, posters, album covers and advertisements. 

Jared also enjoys playing the drums and currently plays for several bands

A bit about Amanda

When Amanda was a little girl, she loved to knit, draw and paint in her free time.

With having artistic family and friends it inspired Amanda to continue all kinds of art throughout the years.  Amanda finds art very therapeutic and relaxing.  It’s the ultimate way to express oneself. 

Amanda is now a proud mum to her little boy Phoenix born in May 2021.

Amanda still loves to paint and draw; it is a fond hobby when inspiration strikes.


The Land of Ghee - "Welcome To Our Home"

A beautifully illustrated children’s picture book series

“Welcome to our home” introduces the reader to a planet like no other!  A magical place growing popcorn trees, bright blue grass and a forest of giant flowers. 

The land of Ghee is home to colourful characters with every book introducing different crazy critters for your child to meet.  Hide and seek is a favourite game, there’s always someone to find.

Delightfully written in rhyme, the land of Ghee is sure to inspire your little one’s imagination.


The Land of Ghee - "Tinkles Birthday"

A exciting second book available soon... a tale about Tinkles Birthday!  

Will be available in hardback $29.95 or paperback $21.95

Soooooo - watch this space for some exciting new stories!



Our first review

Hi Kim, I would like to Thank you and your daughter for creating such a wonderful story for us all to enjoy, we loved The Land of Ghee - together you and your daughter both make a great team!!

I brought your book especially for my Granddaughter Octavia as there's no greater gift than showing someone how to use their imagination. We both enjoyed reading The Land of Ghee and her favourite pages are at the end where all the creatures are - we spent an hour pointing to them all and chatting and that day we read your book twice. We can't wait for the next book to come out.

Thank you for sharing, enjoy always! Anita & Octavia


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